First-Rate Site Preparation

Site Preparation

Lindler’s Construction of South Carolina provides full-service site preparation to meet the needs of land developers, general contractors and homeowners.
We provide your project with a trained workforce committed to efficient land clearing and quality surface grading.

Land Clearing

For residential and commercial projects that begin on unused parcels of land, Lindler’s Construction has the experience and the equipment to quickly clear
unwanted trees, underbrush and other debris for land development or roadwork right-of-way. We provide the crew and the heavy equipment to clear surface
vegetation and permanently remove roots, leaving your site ready for grading.

As the first stage in our site preparation services, land clearing can be a challenging chore. Depending on the vegetation density and project scope, we
apply the best land-clearing methods available to properly prepare your land for the next phase of construction. We enlist the strength of heavy-duty
machinery, including scrapers, bulldozers, compactors and dump trucks to clear your site quickly and completely.

Construction Site Grading

Lindler’s Construction has sloped-base and level site grading experience for a variety of construction projects, including roadway base course, building
foundations, surface drainage applications, and landscape improvement plans. We know that proper grading not only provides a true elevation for structural
foundations, but it also plays an important role in efficient surface water runoff and supports embedded drainage systems. With our GPS machinery,
you can count on the grade to be accurate the first time.

We obtain all necessary permits and licenses before we begin work, and we carefully analyze the project scope and site location to determine the best procedures
to protect the surrounding landscape and secure the safety of all on-site workers. Our preplanning will also help guide us in selecting the right machinery
for the job and estimating the number of crew members required. The result is an efficient use of time and resources, enabling us to pass the cost
savings to our customers.

Misty West, West Development LLC Misty West, West Development LLC Misty West, West Development LLC

“Lindler's is a no-nonsense grading company.  When they mobilize to your job, things get done, quickly, comprehensively and to your satisfaction!”

Misty West, West Development LLC