Construction Site Heavy Hauling

Trucking and Hauling

Bringing you a fleet of construction vehicles and full time drivers to meet your construction project’s bulk hauling and equipment transport needs. We
are licensed and insured, employing drivers that are trained to follow DOT regulations and deliver the highest trucking and hauling performance to
move equipment, soil, and other materials efficiently. When your project requires large stockpiles of aggregate or continuous delivery of stone, sand,
or fill, Lindler’s Construction strives to become your number one choice for raw material delivery. Rest assured, we cover an extensive area of delivery
in South Carolina, and we offer transparent pricing that will successfully compete with area hauling services.

Safe Hauling and Reliable Vehicles

We regularly service our vehicles to make sure they meet the highest standard of quality and safety. Our drivers are trained to practice driver courtesy
and accident prevention, and all our drivers have a current CDL and are part of a national registry as required by law.

Dump Trucks

Lindler’s will get the job done with our fleet of tri-axle trucks in different sizes and configurations to assist in road construction projects as well
as any other residential or commercial needs. We provide hauling of stone, sand, fill, and other construction materials to your job site.

Tractor Trailers

For large construction site hauling needs, Lindler’s can provide the right tractor trailer for quick hauling and release of larger amounts of raw material.
Our fleet of dump trailers are a great option when stockpiling large amounts of aggregates due to their ability to haul a larger quantity.


Lowboy trucks are often the best solution for your hauling needs. When you need to move heavy equipment, road machinery, and large amounts of material,
Lindler’s can supply the right lowboy for the job. We will handle the movement of heavy equipment for project installation or transport your construction
machinery from origin to final destination

Misty West, West Development LLC Misty West, West Development LLC Misty West, West Development LLC

“Lindler's is a no-nonsense grading company.  When they mobilize to your job, things get done, quickly, comprehensively and to your satisfaction!”

Misty West, West Development LLC