Stormwater Management for a Stable Foundation

Stormwater Management

According to the EPA, about 50% of our nation's water is contaminated due to construction site stormwater runoff. If this discharge is not effectively managed, communities will experience a decrease in water quality, an increase in downstream erosion, and community flooding - especially in urban and suburban neighborhoods. Our goal is to sustain our clients' construction site EPA regulatory requirements and preserve the community by reducing waste and pollution caused by active construction projects.

Lindler's Construction in South Carolina is knowledgeable in stormwater management principles during pre-construction and construction phases of residential properties, commercial lots, public properties and landscapes, and department of transportation infrastructure projects. As part of our construction management services, we can provide the necessary talent, procedures, and equipment for a timely and cost-efficient stormwater management installation.

Stormwater Runoff Management

Understanding how wet weather can negatively impact construction projects is expertly handled with Lindler’s Construction. We have knowledge of municipal and private stormwater infrastructure and know firsthand the consequences of construction activities on manmade drainage systems and natural streams of water. At the same time, we also know the need for erosion control to protect the construction site's final grading, when these manmade systems and natural waterways flood due to high velocity rain and torrential storms.

It is known and supported by the EPA that sedimentation is second only to bacteria as a major pollutant in rivers and streams. It can devastate the aquatic environment of natural water deposits if not controlled during land development projects. It only takes a short period of time for construction site silt - mixed with oils, grease, construction chemicals, and in-ground fertilizer - to deposit large amounts of contaminated sediment into streams of water. Our job is to help your project adhere to local EPA guidelines and uphold your company's commitment to environmental stewardship. At the end of the day, we deliver success by performing high-quality work, on time and on budget.

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