South Carolina's Demolition Experts


Ready to execute controlled structural demolition projects. Our goals are to always complete projects on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of
our client. At the same time, we never take safety for granted and make it our #1 priority. When you enlist demolition services with Lindler’s, you
get efficient structural demolition at the best prices offered in the industry. We arrive on site with an experienced crew, proper equipment for the
task, and a fleet of trucks for material hauling.

We Do the Job Right

Lindler’s has strategically and safely used heavy equipment to demolish structures all over the state of South Carolina, including concrete, brick, interiors,
and residential properties. As a licensed general contractor in the state of South Carolina, we take the time to plan your demolition project, which
streamlines the process and ensures everything runs smoothly. We realize your construction project has a timeline, which is why we work to demolish
your structure completely on time while using environmentally friendly procedures. You can expect quality, bonded, and insured demolition services.

We plan each project and consider the condition of the structure before any demolition work begins. Taking the time to locate and secure any utilities
nearby and assess any health hazards that may need to be addressed. We also follow all legal requirements for proper construction and demolition waste
disposal for both recyclable and non-salvageable waste.

Gene Sartain, Executive Vice President Gene Sartain, Executive Vice President Gene Sartain, Executive Vice President

“When using Lindler’s services, Lindler’s provides dependable trucks, on time. Great service!”

Gene Sartain, Executive Vice President Satterfield Construction Company